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RISOBiotics™ microbiome support: restoring healthy microbial communities for all creatures with the safest, most biodiverse products in the world

Our team is dedicated to improving the health of our canine companions and all other creatures by exposing them to a different kind of soil!

Introducing RISOBiotics™ microbiome support: Rich in Safe Organic Biotics 

“Something is missing,” Dr. Natasha Lilly said to Steve Brown at a veterinary conference in 2016, “and we need to figure out what it is if we are going to improve the health of dogs.”

Dr. Lilly explained that leading health professionals throughout the world were reporting that, despite the best food and exercise, something was preventing optimal health in their patients. Steve Brown, author of Unlocking the Canine Ancestral Diet, knew the cause: “It’s the microbes from soil that are lacking, Dogs evolved in microbially-rich environments. The foods they ate were often covered in soil with a huge diversity of microbes.”

This pivotal conversation led Natasha and Steve on a quest to solve the missing link: reintroduce exposure to biodiverse microbes, our “old friends” found in nutrient-rich soil and other ancestral environments. They recruited a team of top scientists from many disciplines, including microbiologists, soil scientists, pet food researchers, regenerative agriculture scientists, behaviorists and neuroscientists; and hired Erika Martin, now president of the company, to spearhead their action plan.

Together, in November 2020, they produced RISOBiotics™ microbiome support, the first whole microbiome support product in the USA and second in the world.


Recent studies have conclusively shown that balanced, biodiverse microbiomes are essential for the health of all creatures. More detailed and supportive information can be found in the science section of our website:

Balanced biodiverse microbiomes are rare in today’s world, especially in urban areas. It is well known that humans and their companions in the developed world are suffering significant increases in chronic diseases, such as allergies, asthma, arthritis, IBD, IBS, auto-immune diseases and many more. Currently there is a lack of exposure to our beneficial ancestral microbes that once accompanied and positively influenced species development. The absence of exposure to microbes may well result in sub-optimal health and is at the forefront of major medical research. This is explored in the following article about the biodiversity hypothesis,   


How does one work to create a balanced, biodiverse microbiome? The microbes themselves may not be what we need. Recent studies suggest their metabolites; products of conversion of food to energy, and other small molecules they secrete are key to protecting the health of their host. These molecules provide food for a vast array of microbes and support a multitude of other functions that benefit the host. The complex relationships of these microbes and their metabolites serve each other by forming a harmonious biodiverse community. In parallel, our team is exploring how to create healthy biodiverse communities that will meet the needs of living organisms.


After two years of research and development, Dr. Lilly and team developed proprietary methods to produce RISOBiotics™ microbiome support. The team is currently focused on species composition and technical proprietary tests to ensure the highest standard of quality control.

They anticipate RISOBiotics™ microbiome support, likely the most biodiverse substance in the world with no live microbes, will provide similar health benefits of the living microbes without the risk of ingesting potentially pathogenic microbes.

From their initial testing, they expect 5 mL (milliliters, about 5 grams) of RISOBiotics™ microbiome support will have 1,000,000 + different small molecules, including metabolites, produced by the previously living microbes; bacteriophages; bacterial debris, fatty acids, and snips of DNA and RNA. This level of biodiversity exponentially increases the potential therapeutic effects. That is why they call it “microbiome support.” Probiotics and prebiotics support a small number of microbes; only RISOBiotics™ microbiome support nourishes the entire microbiome, in the gut, on the hands, skin, and in the nose for All Creatures.



Their formal testing program, analyzing the effects of RISOBiotics™ microbiome support on the fecal microbiota of dogs, starts in the first half of 2021. They project their products will be available to the public late 2021.

RISOBiotics™ microbiome support: restoring healthy microbial communities for all creatures with the safest, most biodiverse products in the world.

“The diseases most people die of have been attributed to unhealthy lifestyles. But evidence now suggests bacteria are to blame, heralding a revolution in medicine.” New Scientist Magazine, August 2019.

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